Nicole Olive Daniels
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I'm Nicole Daniels. I am an actress and educator based in Brooklyn, NY.


I was a child historical interpreter, which means I would dress in costume and play children from long ago at Mount Vernon, Fort McHenry and the Star Spangled Banner Flag House. I managed to do some other things in between, like study theatre with youth in non-traditional settings at Hampshire College and write a one-woman play about racism, mixed-race identity and neighborhood surveillance and graduate from the Acting Program at the William Esper Studio, but now I am back where I started. I currently play a Sephardic Jewish 14-year-old girl in 1916 and 22-year-old Irish mother in 1869 at the Tenement Museum. You can watch me do it here.

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Kids on Bikes is my one-woman interview-based play.

Kids on Bikes was created from over 30 interviews that I conducted in a self-proclaimed "diverse" and "inclusive" Baltimore city neighborhood, where I had previously worked as a nanny. I was interested in seeing how this community saw themselves in the wake of a flurry of race-based neighborhood surveillance posts online (à la, "I saw a black man on a bike. I don't think it was his. I called the police").

In the play I portray 11 of the people I interviewed, the two children I was nannying and myself as I explore my own mixed-race identity in a community that "does not see race."

Kids on Bikes was most recently produced by Single Carrot Theatre in Baltimore as part of their Undercurrent: Theatre for Now series, but has also toured to the Chicago Fringe Festival, NYU and CUNY.

If you would like more information about bringing Kids on Bikes to your theatre or community, reach out to me.

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Kids on Bikes at Hampshire College - Workshop and Performances

Friday, March 23rd at 6:30PM and 8:30PM, followed by a talkback conversation

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